aloe, dream –  Light, introspective, honest. Founder of melative.

Analog Housou – Detailed editorials by knowledgeable fans. Includes tidbits about a foreigner’s life in Japan.

Ani no Miyako – Ramblings on the art of animation. Lots of valuable namedropping.

Anime Instrumentality Blog – Team music reviews.

AniPages Daily – More animation ramblings. Covers shows far beyond the last decade or two.

Atarashii Prelude – One funny /a/non.

AWESOME ENGINE – Blunt, easy-to-read editorials. Think non-academic film criticism.

Bateszi Anime Blog – A sometimes meditative, sometimes analytical take on everything an anime fan can write about without being off-topic.

Behind the Nihon Review – Team editorial blog by the Nihon Review staff. Solid stuff. I’m not the least bit biased, really!

Calamitous Intent – Bite-sized ramblings by Choux and Sakura. Lots of visual novel tidbits.

Continuing World – Notes and thoughts on one fan’s trek through the fandom.

Drastic My Anime Blog – Infrequent but quality editorials and reviews.

HappySoda – Classiest smutty PVC figure photos you’ll ever see.

Listless Ink – Honest and a pleasure to read. Lots of yuri.

Moe Fundamentalism -Easy-to-digest entries by an ex-Nihon Review writer. Seasoned fan; down-to-earth but not jaded.

Numbers and Space -Simultaneously analytical and lighthearted. A fun and fruitful read.

OGIUE MANIAX – Frequently updated: one day silly puns, serious analysis the next. He’s been around for a while and he knows his stuff.

Omonomono – Steady stream of intelligent, meandering editorials that seem confusing until you read them.

Super Fanicom BS-X – Theory-loaded editorial blog by lit grad students. You know what that means.

Transistor Glamor – Serious posts, generally analytical.

Mono no Aware – Lengthy but solid editorials on Japanese pop culture, including Haikasoru novels and live action movies.