The Site

Memories of Eternity is (or was) an anime blog. I founded it in 2008 and I’ve blogged off and on since then. The majority of my work is now done at The Nihon Review, but I’ll still post the occasional lengthy editorial here. I’m an arts major and my aim is to talk about anime while paying equal attention to form, content and context. What is being told? How is it being told? How does this story work within the genre/industry? I generally don’t approach texts from sociological perspectives.

The Writer

My handle is Eternal and I was born in 1992 in Toronto, Canada. I used to blog frequently here, but I’ve recently moved the majority of my writing to The Nihon Review and its associated sideblog. I’m also an editor for the Natsuyume Nagisa translation project. I adore Shaft’s formal experimentation and KyoAni’s masterful control of the basics of visual media. And yet, my favourite anime is Honey and Clover because it’s poetic and straightforward. Taste is complicated. Outside of anime, I’m a wannabe writer and a IIDX/SSBM player. My first real work of fiction was the visual novel Sepia Tears.

I’m always on Twitter. I’m also on Rizon as “eternal,” usually idling my TL group’s channel. You can email me at admin[at]eternicity.net or head over to my home page for other semi-related links.