⑨ Moments of Anime #2: Clannad ep 22 (and a little holiday bonus)

by eternal on December 24, 2008

That was definitely me last year…

The second-to-last Moment of Anime…what a fun time it has been. Counting down the year’s most exciting scenes (or gifts, as the original idea goes), tossing together a list of said scenes at the last minute, procrastinating until the end of the day to write posts that total up to be less than 500 words anyhow…as strange as it sounds, it was actually pretty fun.

And now we’re finally here, on Christmas Eve. Having played Animal Crossing for the night, I’ve got about an hour to burn before sleeping, and what better way to spend it than in this comfortable – sometimes a little tsuntsun, but still mostly comfortable – community we know as the anime blogosphere? Read on for my second-last post in the 12 Days series and a little celebration for Nagisa’s birthday.

The first season of Clannad was something that I enjoyed immensely. From the first episode when I saw (and quickly fell for) Nagisa Furukawa, to the slow but steady progression through the arcs as I began to differentiate between the cast in the opening video (whom all looked disturbingly similar the first time I saw it), the show as a whole was quite the ride. Considering the fact that it involves Key, I knew I would like it before even watching it, but once I did start watching it, I realized that I underestimated my own enjoyment: it’s very rare that I await the release of the latest subs that anxiously, that excitedly. I’d easily place Clannad among my favourite anime of 2008, and being the fan of Nagisa – as well as the Tomoya x Nagisa pairing – the dramatic confession at the end of the “last” episode was nothing short of breathtaking.

I can only hope that After Story will be able to live up to a finale like this…and if the movie was any indication, I’m sure it will.

And now on to other things: Happy Birthday Nagisa! I’ll speak for her for a moment and assume that she’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas as well, so go do her justice and make sure you have more pictures of her than of Tomoyo!

Best. Christmas picture. EVER.

And finally, that brings me to my (still under 500 words) conclusion. It’s been a wonderful year for me, in terms of anime and just about everything else, and I’m definitely thankful of the fact that I decided to brave the unknown and enter the blogosphere. An Owen flame here and missed 9rules regestration day there is a small price to pay for becoming a part of this great community, where we communicate with great people and talk about great things. So have a merry Christmas, everyone, and don’t forget what this holiday is all about: spending time with friends, catching up with family, and watching copious amount of anime. Don’t go burning out on me now!


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FuyuMaiden December 25, 2008 at 12:17 am

Thank goodness someone remembered to celebrate Nagisa’s birthday!

I have at least ten times more pictures of Nagisa than I do of Tomoyo. I’m getting near 200 pictures total of Nagisa I believe (unless my memory is failing me). Nagisa is…just yeah~ Nagisa is the best.

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas Nagisa!!!

FuyuMaidens last blog post..From Half-Hiatus to Holiday Half-Hiatus


M12 December 25, 2008 at 3:07 pm

I’m sorry, I forgot it was Nagisa’s birthday!

Hey, it’s a picture from ONE! Have you played the game? Kawana Misaki is one of my favourite characters.

M12s last blog post..Meet the Vinjas – Cocoa


ETERNAL December 25, 2008 at 7:05 pm

@ FuyuMaiden: And your fangirling power reigns supreme once more :P

@ M12: I love Misaki! She’s like Shiori, except…well, admittedly, not quite as good, but the blindness really added a lot to the story. It was nice meeting her on the rooftop every day, and “walking” her home and all that…and there were a few moments near the end that were really sad, like when you find yourself in that dark room in school and realize that that’s what the world always looks like through her eyes. And then at the end, when you have to leave her behind…*sniff*…

……Yeah, I’d better stop >_>


M12 December 25, 2008 at 10:54 pm

Very nice! Misaki is probably my favourite Key character. Shiori is cool, but she follows the “I’m going to die” formula. It’s not really cliche, because Kanon is very old. But yeah, Misaki’s cool, because even though she’s blind, she’s still very strong :). Yeah, I loved the dark room scene very much, too. And the candle light scene.

Alright, I’m geeking out. Better stop!

M12s last blog post..Meet the Vinjas – Ameet


Gerey December 27, 2008 at 6:26 am

haiz somehow Kouhei’s channeling my soul.

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