⑨ Moments of Anime #4: Kimikiss pure rouge ep 24

by eternal on December 22, 2008

I didn’t use a more self-explanatory picture just to be on the safe side, but be warned: spoilers ahead.

Much like my opinion of True Tears as mentioned in my last post, Kimikiss proved itself as far more than a typical VN adaptation, except this time, I knew it was brilliant right from the first episode. With an unbelievably girlish yet unbelievably catchy OP, a light, easy art style that feels almost shoujo at times, and a casual yet occasionally dramatic slice-of-life setting, it quickly propelled itself to the top of my list, making it one of my fondest moments in anime; and I daresay that it’s one of my fondest in more than just the past year.

The ending of the show, admittedly, wasn’t something that I agreed with. There weren’t any characters that I disliked, and I’m all for siscon (er…), but to put it simply, I preferred Hoshino over Mao. Maybe that was just my personal preference, maybe it was my bias against the older sister type (and toward Hoshino’s moe-inducing reserved nature), but had I been in Kouichi’s shoes, I know that I would have chosen differently.

However, a decision that I disagree with does not necessarily make a bad ending.

Looking at the story as a whole, I felt – and still feel – as if the characters were real and believable. On one hand, some of their actions were a little illogical at times, but since when is love logical? If anything, the constant swaying between endings and the indecision faced by the final couple was more believable than anything else. So even if the conclusion technically left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, I knew that the show was excellent regardless, and I still view it as one of my favourite anime of the year. Scrolling through the final episode to get the above picture, I felt the familiar nostalgia of a lighthearted school romance that was more than just a predictable escapism-filled visual novel, and I found myself wishing that I would one day find another series that could invoke the same feelings. It’s one of those shows that I’m truly thankful for, and one of those moments that I sincerely enjoyed looking back upon.

…Sorry, that one’s been bugging me since I first saw it.


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tflops December 24, 2008 at 12:55 pm

I like this better than True tears, I watched this ep-by-ep because someone recommended me NOT to watch this ep/week ’cause this makes the story more slow.


usagijen December 25, 2008 at 8:50 am

I was too spoiled to understand how KimiKiss ended up the way it did, was rooting for Asuka and Yuumi… but sigh. Initially, I was rooting for Mao-neechan, but Yuumi grew on me throughout the series, and I fervently hoped we would not see the “I love my Mao-neechan!” plot twist later on, because after the build-up it would be so damn frustrating. But it ended the way I didn’t want it to be… Kai was left all alone too. Argh, enough of my ranting, I’m polluting your blog x__x;

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ETERNAL December 25, 2008 at 7:00 pm

@ tflops: The story actually is a little slow, that decision was probably for the best…just as long as you managed to avoid spoilers.

@ usagijen: lol, don’t worry about it, we all do it sometimes XD
And it definitely WAS sad to see Kai all alone in the end, but that’s life, I guess…


Arachnicus January 1, 2009 at 4:43 am

Every Kimikiss post drags me to it. xD

I preferred Mao over Hoshino that’s why I totally love the ending. Ha ha. And the other couple, Futami and the red-headed guy…..

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