Karui Shosetsu Magazine Released!

by eternal on September 24, 2008


Not sure how well known or obscure these guys are in the otaku community, but I just wanted to do my part in spreading the word of this one-of-a-kind English language Light Novel Magazine. You can find more info at their official blog (linked above) or at their site LightNovel, but the bottom line is that they’re working toward improving the light novel industry in English speaking countries, and that’s something that I can definitely commend.

At the moment, I won’t write too much on this intriguing project as I assume any light novel fan would already be interested, but I think I should mention that I’ll definitely be supporting the magazine in the future. As an amateur novelist and a light novel fan, I’m behind this 100% – congrats on the release of the first issue, and I hope to see more releases in the future!


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M12 September 26, 2008 at 7:03 am

Thanks for reporting about this. I digg novels and anime, so I love light/visual novels. I’ll definitely check this out.


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