Code Geass R2 – 24

by eternal on September 22, 2008

I’ll resist my urge to put that pic on the front page to spare those unfortunate enough to not be following this show yet.

This one’s definitely a big one – probably the biggest developments we’ve seen since Charles’ death – but I’ll save my opinion for last. Read on for a cheap screencap summary.

Come to think of it, that IS quite something, isn’t it?

Oh, I’m sure he’s ready.

Building up the atmosphere…

Didn’t see THAT coming, did ya, Lelouch?

If the C.C. fans didn’t already hate her, they most certainly will now.

There goes FLEIJA…


So much for the finger snap of death.

That’s a surprisingly good way of putting it.

And there he goes.

Call me fickle if you want, but to be perfectly honest, I’m getting really curious to see where this is going to end. At the moment I believe the “cool” thing to do is to say that Sunrise ruined a potential masterpiece and that the story is utterly illogical, but once you get past the twist of ep 21, the show slowly starts coming together again. Sure, there are still a TON of things that don’t add up, but frankly, I’m willing to turn a blind eye to them in order to enjoy this conclusion of epic proportions.


Because this is the conclusion that’s awaiting us.

Much to my surprise, Schneizel was eliminated far easier than expected…though I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed Lelouch’s defeat of his brother. Not because I hated him or anything, but because it was just that awesome. It was a pretty straightforward scene all in all, really nothing to write home about, but there was something about Lelouch’s whole instantaneous “hand-on-the-shoulder, GEASS” combo that made it seem a lot more dramatic than it should have been. However, that’s really only the beginning.

Because now, Nunally’s back, and she’s virtually the only thing standing between Lelouch and world domination. Will the almighty emperor of Britannia geass his original raison d’etre? Will the world fall into his hands, or will a Death Note-esque deus ex machina occur and give him the “bad end” he seems to so deserve? Hell if I know, but I’ll definitely be anxiously awaiting the finale this coming weekend…and praying that we don’t see a Mai-HiME end.


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Saku September 23, 2008 at 7:17 pm

Nunnaly probably has a geass ability too >.>


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