Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei

by eternal on August 15, 2010

If you’re a hardcore JRPG gamer and you were lured into this post in the hopes of reading some insight on the MegaTen series, I apologize. I deeply apologize. However, what I’m about to discuss may well be of interest to you, if you think you can handle it.


Angel Beats OST Review

by eternal on August 10, 2010

I realized from the moment I heard Theme of SSS that Angel Beats had a great OST and that I should probably review it when it came out. Apparently the end of July snuck up on me.

Anyway, this is my first OST review, so I’ll keep it simple and discuss the specific tracks that seemed notable. In case you haven’t heard it yet, believe me, this soundtrack isn’t quite what you’d expect from Key; it’s unorthodox in a lot of ways, but it works.


Shukufuku no Campanella’s Blessing

by eternal on August 7, 2010

I went into Shukufuku no Campanella knowing one thing only: the art. Ko~Cha has worked on a lot of Windmill’s games – browse if you’d like – and, frankly, she (he?) is an incredible artist. I saw the character merchandise for the game and leafed through the Danbooru tag back in the Winter, and I was hyped for the anime solely because the premise looked exciting and I knew it would be pretty and shiny.

It goes without saying that I’m not disappointed. At the time of writing this, only the first third of the show has aired, but it’s already proven that it can magically read my mind and do exactly what I want it to.


Black Rock Shooter, I am (not) alone

by eternal on August 4, 2010

I apologize for being the last person on the planet to write about this.


Magic and Mystery: Faust vol. 1-2

by eternal on August 1, 2010

I was reading the second volume of Faust, the light novel anthology that everyone has heard of by now, when it occurred to me that I never actually discussed the book here. As you would know from reading the interviews and editor comments in the anthology, Faust holds an interesting position in the Japanese light novel scene. Its roots are in the anime subculture, featuring artists like Takeshi Obata (Death Note) and writers like Nisioisin (Bakemonogatari), but it doesn’t feel as targeted or commercialized as most otaku media, for better or worse. Editor Katsushi Ota is the one man in charge of the magazine, and he seems to take pride in bringing together these creative works from Japan’s younger generation and reaching out to new audiences.

At any rate, for simplicity’s sake, I’ll talk individually about the short stories published in the first two English releases of Faust. Most of my familiarity with light novels comes from the titles available here, so don’t be surprised if I miss something.


Liar Game and Game Theory

by eternal on July 11, 2010

One of the miracles of shounen manga is the fact that they can be about anything. It’s one thing to make a shounen series for every sport on the planet – the eroge scene can compete in that regard – but it’s no new discovery that shounen extends far beyond its traditional premises, arguably a bit too far. You could probably dig up a shounen about Gunpla building or babysitting and they’d still be as over-the-top as the rest of the genre, and proud of it.

Following this train of thought, it took me a while before I started looking at Liar Game as, quite simply, a shounen about Game Theory.